September 8, 2009

AMSTEMM Students Accepted to UK Medical School

We are pleased to announce that AMSTEMM students Cameron Harding, Pike County, Julie Kretzer, Carter County, along with AMSTEMM mentors Laura Hamilton and Bailey Westerfield were accepted to UK Medical School for Fall 2009. In addition. two AMSTEMM students, Brittany N. Jones, Clay County, and Bradley Gibson, Knott County, were accepted to UK Medical School this Fall 2009, after completing the B.S./M.D. Accelerated Course of Study. The B.S./M.D. Accelerated Course of Study is a special track developed for a small number of motivated, mature high school students who intend to pursue a career in medicine. Students accepted into this program complete the first three years of the recommended undergraduate curriculum followed by the traditional four years of Medical School. Students are awarded the B.S. degree after successful completion of the first year of Medical School, and are then awarded the M.D. degree after successful completion of all Medical School requirements. For more information see the website:

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