October 13, 2009

Spring 2010

 DSP 200  General Research Skills
TU TH 11:00 – 12:15p.m.   Location:  211 CB      3 credit hours
Sec. 001 Social Sciences;  002 Humanities;  003 Natural Science

Course Description:
Did you know that at a research university every faculty member is expected to be an active scholar, no matter what her or his discipline? This means there are numerous opportunities for you to participate with a faculty member as your mentor in research. Being a part of scholarly endeavors is the best reason for attending a research university as an undergraduate.
This course is designed to provide basic skills required to conduct research and other scholarly activities. Everyone in the course must be actively engaged (on average 10 hours/week) in a research or scholarly project under the mentorship of a UK faculty member. Your mentor and your major courses will teach you most of the discipline-specific knowledge that you will need for your mentored research.
The course includes discussions and readings regarding various aspects of research and scholarly inquiry methodology, such as how to frame a research question, how to find and evaluate resource materials, and how to organize your approach to a project, as well as writing research reports. You will develop or strengthen your skills with word processing, graphics input and processing, and presentations. You will keep an electronic journal, both to strengthen your writing and to reflect on the course material, and there will be practical assignments. The final project will be a publishable abstract of your mentored research. 
Students who participate in mentored research enjoy many intellectually enriching and satisfying experiences. They also have higher grade point averages, and are better prepared for going on to graduate or professional education. So, get involved with research! Make a research discovery!
Controlled enrollment – If you would like to enroll in this course, see Lynn Hiler, 224 Funkhouser Bldg., clynnhiler@uky.edu or Sue Scheff, 113 Bowman, suescheff@uky.edu

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